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Micron, Ball-Point Pens, Marker

Please visit JOY

It’s a multi-participant reactive drawing space and features some of my super-talented cartoonist/sketchbooking buddies including many SUNDAYS contributors.
I’m very excited about this!

Participants include:
J.P. Coovert
Stephen Floyd
Sean Ford
Alexis Frederick-Frost
James Hindle
Alex Kim
Joe Lambert
Chuck McBuck
Melissa Mendes
José-Luis Olivares

Below is a sample of a series of posts
(Top to Bottom) by James Hindle, Joseph Lambert, Alexis Frederick-Frost, and Jose-Luis Olivares.

The site updates pretty regularly. Sometimes once a week, sometimes multiple times a day. And keep checking the site for new features like jam-comics.




Three helpings of yummy comics
edited by Alex Kim, Chuck Forsman, Joe Lambert, & Sean Ford

with contributions by
Alex Kim
Annie Murphy
Blaise Larmee
Chuck Forsman
James Hindle
Joe Lambert
John Brodowski
Lydia Conklin
Melissa Mendez
Sean Ford

debuting at the 2009 MoCCA Art Festival.