Sundays 3 is the third volume of the Sundays Anthology. Edited and designed by Alex Kim, Chuck Forsman, Joe Lambert, & Sean Ford.

Sundays 3 is three pocket-sized mini-comic anthologies.

Sundays 3 was printed and hand-bound at The Center for Cartoon Studies.

Check out a video preview of the book on Joe’s Flickr page.




The first book, edited and designed by Chuck Forsman, contains the single story, “Good Morning, Dogburgh”, and is by Chuck and CCS student and (soon-to-be) D&Q intern Melissa Mendes (now that I think about it Chuck and Sean were interns at D&Q also). Their book is an alphabetized romp through a town populated with dogs going through their morning activities.
56 b&w pages saddle-stapled in a 3-color screen-printed 100lb French Paper cover.


The second book, edited and designed by Joseph Lambert, contains two day-time stories. “When will this day end?” by James Hindle is the story of two youngsters who find themselves with too much time on their hands and nothing to do with it. “Sonny’s Sunny Day Sunday Daze” by Joe is a 24-hour comic about a boy and his dog and their attempt to build a tree-house.

60 b&w pages wrap-bound in a 3-color screen printed 100lb French Paper cover.


The third book, edited and designed by Sean Ford & Alex Kim, contains six nighttime stories that take place in the same neighborhood. Sean sets the stage with his prelude about two restless kids with the whole night and whole town ahead of them. Lydia Conklin‘s story, “Pinprick” is about a very small horse who has been gone for too long. Blaise Larmee‘s beautiful, surreal story is Sundays first full-color contribution. Recent Xeric-Winner Annie Murphy contributes a haunting story about an eerie house and the friends that live inside. John Brodowski‘s “We’re going away from each other” winds the story of a stranded astronaut and of a little girl watching a late-night movie together. And Xeric-Winner Alex Kim wraps things up with monsters and some nasty soup in “The Jaguar”.

105 b&w pages, 7 full-color pages bound in a 3-color screen printed 100lb French Paper cover.

Sundays 3 debuted at the MoCCA 2009 Festival and will be available at Heroes Con 2009 (in Charlotte, NC) and online after that if there are any copies left.