Sundays cover

Welp. We did it.  Yes, we made another book and any at MoCCA this weekend can get your paws on one.  I am really proud of this volume.  This is the first volume where we left the majority of the editorial responsibilities up to just one of the four editors.  That lucky one was me, Chuck.  I have no idea why I said I would but I am glad I did.  We have 21 amazing contributions this time around and the book clocks in at 134 pages.  We have some of the usual faces and lot of new faces in this one.  The first obvious change is our cover was designed by someone other than us.  That was one of my first things I wanted when I set out to make this book.  And the real first and only name I thought of was Damien Jay.  Damien always has had an amazing knack for designing some of my favorite covers.  And his color choices always just hit me in the right spot.  Luckily when I asked him he said sure, even though he was about to have a baby with the equally talented Minty Lewis.  So huge, huge thanks to that guy for doing this at a time when his life was going through a major change.  Oh and Damien managed to contribute a story as well.  Whattaguy!

This book has a really loose theme, as have most of our Sundays volumes.  This time out I instructed the artists to dance on the theme of Forever Changes which I also subtitles the book.  I didn’t give too much direction just suggestion and inspiration.  This book is filled with a lot of my friends, heroes, and people I only know from seeing their work online.  I just want to thank them for indulging me on making my dream comic.

So who is in this book?

Pretty cool, right?  You have to see this book!  I’ll put it up for sale online after this weekend on the Oily Boutique.  We are numbering these suckers this time and there are only 300 of them and that is it.  No reprinting.  Here is a video of it:

We’ll be at MoCCA of course.  Our traditional festival to unveil a Sundays book.  We will be at table H15.  Just look for the row with One Percent Press, Alec Longstreth, Tugboat, and Secret Acres (we are right next to Secret Acres), and you’ll run into us for sure.