Hey there.  Going to SPX 2011 this weekend?  Expect to see a table(D2) with the old Sundays banner flying with some old and new stuff for sale or perusal. Here is the rundown:

Melissa Mendes:

Melissa is debuting her freshly printed, 100+ page Xeric book, Freddy Stories at SPX. This is a treat. If you are familiar with Melissa’s previous Freddy comics, this book has all those stories plus like 40 more pages of new comics. Get one for the kid in you or in your life.

Melissa will also be doing a reading at Atomic Books in Baltimore on Friday before SPX with a ton of other great cartoonists. We recommend going to this event. It is always fun and Atomic always comes through with the free drinky-poos…if you are into that sort of thing.
 Joseph Lambert:

Our pal Joe will be with us this weekend as well as hanging out with the Secret Acres folks where you can get Joe’s amazing I Will Bite You.

This book is causing a ruckus and getting nominated like 2 times for Ignatz awards(given away this very weekend). Come say hi to Joe. He always has some superfresh prints and mini comics for sale. We hope Joe gets a brick or two this weekend. That would be a well-deserved perk for this hard working man.

Oh and we almost forgot that Joe is in the new and last Mome available at the Fantagraphics table.

Sean Ford:

The always reliable Sean Ford will be in attendance with copies of Only Skin his super awesome mystery-ghost-murder-comedy comic book series. Maybe he’ll have a special print for sale as well. Maybe something like this?

Sean is plugging away at finishing up Only Skin for its publication next year as one book by Secret Acres. Things are happening!

Chuck Forsman:

Let it be known that I am now writing about myself. I will have The Ground is Soft and a new mini comic called The End of the Fucking World for sale. This new comic will be cheep and isn’t for kids.

I am also in Mome 22 and will be signing at the Fantagraphics booth, 11am to noon on Saturday and noon to 1 on Sunday. Come by and talk to me because I expect I will be bored.

Unfortunately, Alex Kim won’t be with us this weekend. We’ll be missing some much needed laughs due to his absence. But we have it on good authority that AK is working on something big. SOMETHING BIG.
Sundays cover

And of course we will have copies of Sundays 2 and the latest, Sundays Forever Changes. We hear that Warren Craghead may be wandering around the show this weekend. Maybe he’ll draw in your copy of Sundays Forever Changes for you, you lucky duck.

Okay okay. Have a good weekend. I hope your basement isn’t flooded.