In June the newest volume of our self-published comics anthology, Sundays 3, will debut at the MoCCA Arts Festival.

But until then you can join us here every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday when we will post comics by Ken Dahl, Alexis Frederick-Frost, Joe Lambert, Alex Kim and more.

Up next is Ignatz Award Winner Ken Dahl. Check out his excellent Microcosm book Welcome to the Dahl House. “Ken Dahl’s cranky vision of America is god damn blistering. But if our fetid culture can inspire such accomplished cartooning, how bad can it be?!” – from James Sturm’s back-of-the-book blurb.

Today’s comic is part 1 0f 2.


Copyright 2009 Ken Dahl
Color by Joseph Lambert
Originally published in black & white in Sundays 2