What’s that, pizza? You want to know how we do what we do here at Sundays 2?

Here is Alex Kim putting in about two hours printing each color of the cover. The Sundays 2 cover has four colors. The back cover has two.

You can see the first few on the drying rack here. At this point the first two colors are on.

Sundays 2 was printed and bound at The Center for Cartoon Studies. Here we see Jeff Lok‘s beautiful pages coming out of the printer.

Sundays 2 is 70 pages. We stapled the pages, and wrapped the back cover around the spine to hide the staples and then glued the back cover to a flap on the back (I’ll try to take more detailed photos next time so as to better explain the process).

Then we trimmed the book using CCS’s hydraulic paper cutter. I think the final size ends up being 10.25″ by 12.25″

Sundays 2!

You can purchase a copy of Sundays 2 by clicking here, or going to the “Buy Sundays 2” link on the side of this page. We will also be at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC June 20th – 22nd, and SPX in the fall. If you buy a copy at a con we’ll give you a free bag.