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This post was taken from my own blog. I’ve taken out everything that doesn’t pertain to Sundays though. I think.

Here we go:

MoCCA 2007

Sundays Sold OUT!

It was a solid two days of traffic as buzz built around the book. Thanks to all of our friends who sent people to our table, or told them to stop by, you guys are the best. Special thanks to James Sturm for personally bringing people to the table several times; and to the CCS table for being our buddies across the way, we sent people to you and we know you sent people to us.

It would be easy for us to milk the interest in CCS and use that as a platform to toss our books out there, but the fact is that the books we students are putting out are really good! The quality of stories, art and production are right there among the best at the show, and we’ve only just begun.


MoCCA 07 (8)
MoCCA took place in four rooms just like this one. It was huge and bright and white. Like a comics heaven.

MoCCA 07 (9)
“Hey guy. What’dya doin over there? D’you wanna comics? D’you wanna large format comics? Where you goin?”

MoCCA 07 (10)
Medusa, the book unfolding out onto the floor, sold out! It was written by our Jess and drawn by Alex. It was great, a real involving read with the format and flowing artwork and language.

MoCCA 07 (13)
Alec Longstreth and James Sturm talk. About what, I wasn’t privileged enough to know.

MoCCA 07 (15)
The one and only Rich Tommaso came over to our table early to check out Sundays, but was unimpressed with the size…

MoCCA 07 (14)
I mean, look at the size of his pages of original art!

MoCCA 07 (19)
I continued to take as many pictures as I could, trying to document the weekend, but I wasn’t the only one:

MoCCA 07 (21)
Chuck gave me a taste of my own medicine. It was sweet and filling.

MoCCA 07 (22)
The show filled up soon, and remained constant.

MoCCA 07 (23)

MoCCA 07 (24)
The one and only Sam Gaskin had a good show with his Pizza Wizard debuting. It was easily one of my favorite books of the show.

MoCCA 07 (26)
The Sundays table was right up against the One Percent Press table. We were one big comics family.

MoCCA 07 (28)
In addition to carrying the 54-page 11 x 17 inch anthology masterpiece Sundays, the table also had books by each of the co-editors. It was a handsome table, made only handsomer by the handsome folk behind the table.

MoCCA 07 (30)
Here’s Alexis Frederick-Frost, CCS grad and author of Maria of Montmarte and La Primavera with his wife Kristen, and myself, the third-wheel.

MoCCA 07 (34)
One Percent Press, Sundays table neighbors matched!

MoCCA 07 (35)
That’s Becca giving Alex her, “You think you’re sooo funny” face.

MoCCA 07 (42)

MoCCA 07 (43)
Sundays was only 10 bucks at MoCCA, and you got a free screen-printed bag to carry all of your wares in. It will be 12 on in a couple of weeks. But still well worth it. And you may even get some free sketches or comics along with it.

MoCCA 07 (44)
The second day started with a cookie for Chuck.

MoCCA 07 (48)
Kenny Dahly playing the banjo between rows.

MoCCA 07 (52)
WOO! Alex sells the very last copy of Sundays to some guy!

MoCCA 07 (53)
Alexis sells and signs his very last copy of Maria of Montmartre to some guy!

MoCCA 07 (54)
Ken Dahl sells a copy of Monsters #2 to some lady, who was a huge fan. Of the comic, or the mustache? We’ll never know.

MoCCA 07 (58)
The famous Clutch McBastard karate chopped my face off when I asked how he thought the show was going.

MoCCA 07 (59)
We made free sketch bookmarks for people at the Sundays table,

MoCCA 07 (60)
While Kenneth grabbed up the free wraps at the end of the show,

MoCCA 07 (62)
Jeff kept an eye Loked down on Charlito. A man of fierce loyalty, Jeff made sure Charlito didn’t talk no jive to his Sundays Brothers Sean or Chuck.

MoCCA 07 (63)
Sean, one of Sundays’ editors is a man of class and disguise.

MoCCA 07 (70)
Thanks to everyone who made this weekend amazing.