MoCCA was a blast! The first print run of the Sundays Anthology sold out, but Editorial is planning to go back to press immediately and make copies available on I Know Joe Kimpel by the end of the week. We just want as many people who want to to be able to see this book.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported and visited us at MoCCA. It was an unbelievable weekend on several levels and I’m sure the other editors will chime in with their reports soon.

Keep checking out this blog for more Sundays news. We’ll let you know here when the book is available online and we’ll keep posting info about the talented contributors roster.

A special thanks to Heidi MacDonald, who mentioned Sundays several times on The Beat and helped spread the word. I got to meet Heidi for the first time this weekend and she’s great. Thanks to all who helped spread the word.

Favorite book from MoCCA so far: Jamie Tanner’s The Aviary, but I’ve barely scratched the surface of a huge stack of books.

Stay tuned, there’s more Sundays info to come. Thanks again.