“Denis St. John! The one and only! You just don’t know it yet. That’s how Denis, and Denis’ comics carry themselves. The covers to Denis’ comics proclaim, “A Denis St. John Production.” I’ve developed a theory about why. Okay. Here goes. One reason to make comics is so you don’t have to make a movie. Movies are hard. First, find financial backing (virtually impossible for a neophyte filmmaker with nothing but a shooting script and a unique vision with unique life experiences to draw upon), get a crew together, spend weeks casting actors and actressess — most of whom you’re not going to like — and upwards of months in some horrible place, where EVERY surrounding thing has to be approved to be in the movie, or changed, or painted this shade of red instead of that one, and at the end of it all, you have to actually make the fucker inside some sweaty editing room. Why? Why not make a comic? Because comics are harder, that’s why. And Denis St. John would like to be making animated movies in a 1960’s studio, or a John K studio. He can’t anymore. So he’s making comics. Denis might draw more than anyone I know. He’s intent on making comics that are personal visions. It’s like pop culture used him, and now he’s using it. Check it out.” – Jeff Lok


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