So, we’ve, uh, been asking a lot of Alex screen print-wise lately. To the tune of, like, well over 1000 screen prints on the front, back and inside covers of the Sundays Anthology. I also had him screen print some puppy drawings on socks. We thought he could handle it.

Unfortunately, it seems that late last night, Alex snapped and killed the talented young cartoonist Joe Lambert. On the bright side, anyone who owns Joe Lambert originals now stands to make a pretty penny. The below photos will probably have some sort of legal ramification for Alex. Sorry, Dee Oh Double Gee, implement cruise control.

On the bright side, the cover for the Sundays anthology is all done!

Alex, hard at work.




Lambert makes one too many wise remarks…


sundays cvr
…but it was all worth it.

Read an interview with screen printer extraordinaire/cold-blooded killer Alex Kim here.