Monsters 2

“Ken Dahl’s comics should be in the hands of children. They’re infantile? Hardly. Sure, they have genitalia, farts, and a feature called, “Say Something Funny” wherein people inevitably can’t, at which point their heads explode. But it’s what you do with that. Ken Dahl’s comics should be in the hands of children because he knows the names of the things that this country did wrong. His insight into society is based on what our culture has done wrong to him, personally, and his family members, and that’s where he gets his fury. It’s a funny fury, fortunately. We do Jam comics a lot. Often at Denny’s. Gabby’s the go-to. If there’s never been a Jam comic that did not turn filthy, then there’s never been a panel of a Jam comic filther than his. They have a quality that makes people recall them, recoiling and laughing, to others when he’s not around. He does autobio, but he doesn’t write about his mornings, or how cute his significant other is when she’s at the sink, doing the same things everyone does. He writes about going to jail. About how he got herpes and lost the love of his life because of it. Buy his comics at He’s already the #1 seller there. Catch him before he rises into the dawn.” – Jeff Lok

Below are some panels from Dahl’s Sundays strip.



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