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“The staff at Sundays HQ has entered heavy duty production mode. All the art is in and we are clocking in at 54 pages. Our editorial staff has been up all night, some of us multiple nights screenprinting, drawing covers, lettering, laying out the pages, as well as working on our individual books for the MoCCA art festival. We have passed the critical phase of feeling more in control than out. Steve Bissette delivered his page to us about 12 hours ago and it is beautiful! Thanks Steve! JP Coovert from One Percent Press dropped in and lent a hand. We bought JP a box of Swiss Cake Rolls to show our gratification for his help. Best $1.29 we ever spent, I say. We took a few photos so you folks at home can play along.Thanks for reading!” – Chuck Forsman

Alex Kim, hard at work, running screen print 174 out of 800.

Steve Bissette’s Tyrant page. YOWZA.

img_1403.jpgChuck documenting the inside covers of Sundays. JP Coovert looks on, taking a break from drawing Sundays contributor portraits.

Sean, doing something, we think.

The bags. Buy a Sundays Anthology, get a snappy screenprinted bag with an Alex Kim original to carry all your loot from MoCCA around in.