Before discussing the human wonder known as Dane Martin, we’d first like to offer our apologies for not updating the blog more often. But we’ve been extremely busy printing and screenprinting and coordinating and putting together what is undeniably turning into a great collection. We’ll have a special announcement soon about a special page we just received, a page so big that it could only involve, well, you’ll see…

But now, enter the wacky world of Dane Martin… if ye dare…


“Knowing Dane Martin is nineteen years old makes the first time you encounter one of his comics, or something he wrote all the more, I wouldn’t say impressive.
All the more shocking’s more like it. It’s like he developed in a coccoon containing nothing but collections of humorous plays from the 1930’s. Likewise when he tells you he’s the son of a carpet salesman. He is. He tells stories about his crazy encounters with homeless people, and says, “And he talked like this!” Only, he gives everyone the same two voices. There’s a raspy, vulgar immigrant voice, or a raspy, vulgar effeminate voice.

As far as I know, this is actually how he percieves the world. Suffice to say, he’s a most unique nineteen year old. His comics voice is fully developed. His comics are insane, yet their internal logic is inscrutable. That, and they’re hilarious. He has one billion websites and blogs. Just Google “Dane Martin,” and enter a world more enjoyable than our own… or follow this link or maybe this one.” – Jeff Lok, who once had internet access.

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