Morgan Pielli’s another one. From his and Colleen’s continued Herculean efforts, I’d guess they’d slept 2 hours between the two of them. Wednesday nights are deadline nights. An often heard question on Wednesday late afternoon and night is, “How’s Morgan doing?”

The reply is always different. “He still has to ink 16 pages.” “He’s almost done. He has to finish pencilling, and do all the inking, but he’s almost done.”

For his final project for James’s class he made a box set of his comics, with a printed hardcover box which would not have looked out of place in the Criterion Collection. He glued 30 of them together, in one night. While finishing his comic, while getting them all printed.

I’ll never forget walking into Imprint – the cheapest place for copies in the Upper Valley – with Penina to make copies of both our books, and seeing Morgan and his roommate, Chris giving instructions to the Imprint folks. They’d been sequestered into a side office, because in the main room Imprint were getting three new machines in, rearranging their office, and training two new people. They were also trying to find Morgan’s application, which he’d given them months ago.

Morgan’s website is:

Dancing Paper Clip

His comics are available on I Know Joe Kimpel.Com