The talent here at The Center for Cartoon Studies is really rare. We don’t really talkabout it, except occasionally, and then our tone becomes hushed. Same when we tell our families how hard people work here. It’s rare. On deadline, when people plop their comics on the piles in front of everyone, the pile excites the mind. Because there’s a large amount of people in the pile doing really interesting, and really original work. Work like no one else’s in that pile. The writing, and the art don’t resemble student work at all. Our tone becomes hushed because it’s the culmination of lifetimes in that pile. People who were gathering the skills to be amazing cartoonists all along, even when they didn’t know it.

“We should do an anthology.” I think everyone said this at one point.

Chuck Forsman’s simple, but elegant theme was to create a newspaper strip you would like to see. Really though, it’s an excuse to see what everyone does given a large format. We realized, pretty quick, as first year got to the halfway point, we had talent to design a beautiful book, bind it nicely, and go big. More importantly though, we had talent for content to fill a big book. We can’t wait to show the comics community the talent only we, for the most part, have known existed for a year to two years. Note some cartoonists not attending the school as students on our pages. One of the wonderful things about CCS is the comic’s community that moved here to be in the thick. We’re so glad to have the satellites in our Sunday sky. It’s all the brighter.

Stay tuned to this blog. We’ll have regular updates on our progress getting this book together for MOCCA, press for the book, sample panels from people’s strips, art posts, links to people’s websites, and all that bebop. Stay tuned…

Jeff Lok, Sean Ford, Joe Lambert, Bryan Stone, Chuck Forsman, and Alex Kim.